Weave That! Fabric - It's Easy to Make Your Own Fabric for Quilts, Crafts and more by Jennifer Rapacki

Weave That! Fabric - It's Easy to Make Your Own Fabric for Quilts, Crafts and more

Make Fabric from Fabric!  This is a great way to use your stash and small amounts of leftover fabric.

You will learn 2 weaving techniques:  Square and On the Diagonal.  The fabric can be used in all sorts of ways, e.g. Garments, Quilt Backgrounds, Pouch, Christmas Stocking, Purse, or  any Project you can think of. 

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What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos File Icon 17 files Text Icon 1 text file


Weaving Square - Intro to Fabric and Examples
Weaving Square Intro and Examples.mp4
5 mins
Weaving on the Diagonal - Introduction to Fabric Choices and Examples
Weaving on the Diagonal Intro and Examples.mp4
16 mins
Weaving Square - The Weaving Technique
Weaving Square.mp4
18 mins
Edge Stitching the Raw Edges.mp4
8 mins
2 mins
10 mins
4 mins
Weaving Square Instructions to print.pdf
158 KB
Weave Square - Pouch Project
Constructing the pouch.mp4
20 mins
Pouch Instructions to print.pdf
4.6 MB
Weave Square - FatQ Christmas Stocking Project
Weaving a Fat Quarter.mp4
3 mins
Constructing the Stocking.mp4
19 mins
ChristmasStocking instructions to print.pdf
2.31 MB
ChristmasStockingPattern-letter size pages.pdf
911 KB
ChristmasStockingPattern-full size 11x17.pdf
123 KB
Weaving on the Diagonal - The Weaving Technique
Preparing the Interfacing.mp4
3 mins
Weaving on the Diagonal.mp4
26 mins
Pressing the Woven Piece.mp4
4 mins
Edge Stitching and Quilting.mp4
13 mins
Weaving on the Diagonal Instructions to print.pdf
2.38 MB
Applique Patterns
About the Applique Patterns
poppy pattern w leaf and stem.pdf
3.03 MB
sea turtle pattern to print 11x17.pdf
2.61 MB
sea turtle pattern to print on 4 - letter size pages.pdf
114 KB
sea turtle_placement for head and legs.pdf
1.03 MB
cactus pattern to print 11x17.pdf
1.96 MB
cactus pattern to print on 4 - letter size pages.pdf
194 KB
cactus pot pattern.pdf
1.7 MB
Raw Edge Fussy Cut Applique
5 mins
Finishing the Raw Edge Applique instructions to print.pdf
1.44 MB
Shrinking Fabric for Textured Applique - Tracing a Pattern
Shrinking Fabric by Tracing a Pattern.mp4
8 mins
Shrinking Fabric for Applique - Trace Pattern instructions to print.pdf
3.04 MB
Shrinking Appliqué - Fussy Cut
Shrinking a Fussy Cut Applique.mp4
2 mins
Shrinking Applique - Fussy Cut Instructions to print.pdf
6.22 MB
Quilt Background - Adding a Border to a Woven Piece
Adding a Border.mp4
8 mins
Making Your Own Large Scale Poppy Flower
Making the Poppy Flower.mp4
7 mins
Poppy Flower Pattern.pdf
2.2 MB


How do I get answers to questions I may have after watching the videos?

You can comment on a particular video and Jennifer will post an answer.  This is encouraged since other students may have the same question.  Plus you will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can also interact with Jennifer.  And last but not least, you can email Jennifer at jen@jenniferrapacki.com.

What if I don't like the course?

If for any reason you don't find this course beneficial, I will give you a full refund.  I'd appreciate feedback on how this course can be improved.

How long will the course materials be available?

Courses will be available for the lifetime of this website. In the event that the website closes you will be given at least two month’s notice.  Moreover, I will make the course materials available as a download.