Video Workshops

Learn at your own pace!
All courses include detail videos and step-by-step instructions to download and print.  You can also preview several videos in course.  For the computer/iPad courses, no experience is required with the software/app.

Note:  All  workshops can also be taught live via Zoom.

DIY Inkjet Printing on Fabric with Photoshop Elements

Memory Quilts, Art Quilts and moreā€¦.Learn how easy it is to edit, enhance and prepare photos for inkjet printing on fabric and more...
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Fractal That! Design: Designing Fabric the Fun and Easy Way!

Play with the FraxHD app on an iPad or iPhone and find designs to print on fabric. One student said it was more fun than Candy Crush!
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Weave That! Fabric - It's Easy to Make Your Own Fabric for Quilts, Crafts and more

Make Fabric from Fabric!  Now computer involved :-)
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