Pixelate That! with Photoshop Elements for Quilters and Crafters by Jennifer Rapacki

Pixelate That! with Photoshop Elements for Quilters and Crafters

Learn how easy it is to use Photoshop Elements as a quilt design tool and print your own fabric at home or online.   No experience with the software is required.  Written step-by-step instructions are provided for most videos along with photo files to use with the exercises.

Don't own Photoshop Elements?  Adobe.com offers a 30 day free trial so you can "try before you buy". (see FAQ section below)

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 8 files


Inkjet Printing on Fabric - Info on Printing at Home and Online
381 KB
16 mins
Initial settings to make the first time you start up the software
2 mins
File Formats - when to use them - JPG & PSD (Photoshop)
4 mins
How to fix Redeye and Lighting in a Photo
4 mins
photos for videos to download
20.2 MB
lighting levels instructions to print.pdf
1.43 MB
Resolution aka File Sizes for Printing
5 mins
resolution instructions to print.pdf
1.45 MB
Photo to Art Quilt - Pansy Exercise introducing basic Photoshop Elements Tools
21 mins
pansy to artquilt instructions to print.pdf
713 KB
Pixelating a Photo into a Background
12 mins
pixelating instructions to print.pdf
1.51 MB
Summary of Steps to use with your own Photos
Summary of steps file to print
1.22 MB
Creating a Fat Quarter (or yard) for printing at a Fabric on Demand Service
7 mins
layout fatQ or yard instructions to print.pdf
585 KB
Introduction to uploading a file to print at a fabric on demand service -- Spoonflower.com
10 mins
Quilt Photo - Steps for Fixing Dstortions and Deleting the Background
9 mins
Creating a Quilt Label
4 mins
making a label.mp4
9 mins
More about the Quick Selection tool
10 mins



While you don't need experience with Photoshop Elements, you do need to have basic computer skills, such as the ability to load software, use a mouse or trackpad, find and open the software, and find files on your computer.

What version of Photoshop Elements do I need?

Photoshop Elements versions 11 or newer have the same interface as seen in the videos.  If you have version 10 or older, download the free 30 day trial that Adobe offers.  See the instructions below.

Don't own Photoshop Elements?

Adobe.com offers a free 30 day trial of the latest version of Photoshop Elements. 

Go to  Adobe.com and scroll down the home page to the bottom and on the left side of the page under the products heading you should find a link to "Elements 2019 Family".   Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you'll find a link to the free trial.

Can I use the Photos provided for my own projects?

Yes.  You have my permission to use the photos provided for following along with the videos in your own projects.

What if I don't like the course?

If for any reason you don't find this course beneficial, I will give you a full refund.  I'd appreciate feedback on how this course can be improved.

How long will the course materials be available?

Courses will be available for the lifetime of this website. In the event that the website closes you will be given at least two month’s notice.  Moreover, I will make the course materials available as a download.