DIY Inkjet Printing on Fabric with Photoshop Elements

Learn how easy it is to use Photoshop Elements as a quilt design tool and print your own fabric at home or online.   No experience with the software is required.  Written step-by-step instructions are provided for most videos along with photo files to use with the exercises.

Don't own Photoshop Elements? offers a 30 day free trial so you can "try before you buy". (see FAQ section below)
Inkjet Printing on Fabric - Info on Printing at Home and Online
This video presents more details on the notes handout and should be especially helpful if you are in the market for a new inkjet printer for at home.  Pigment ink is more color fast for the long term, but vulnerable to abrasion.  Dye ink printers have a wider range of colors that can be printed.  Also discussed is printing online at Spoonflower and Fabric on Demand.    When printing at Spoonflower, the basic cotton is a bit rough, so I spend a bit more for the Kona cotton.  If I want to go wider than 42 inches, then I print on the Organic Cotton Sateen which is 56 inches wide.  
To PRINT - Notes-InkjetPrinting.pdf
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VIDEO - PixelateThat-notes.mp4
16 mins
Initial settings to make the first time you start up the software
This video shows a few settings I suggest when you first start up Photoshop Elements.  You only need to do this once.  Then you are ready to start using the software as a quilting tool.

If you haven't already done so, download the photos for videos folder and the instructions to print.
VIDEO - PEsettings.mp4
2 mins
File Formats - when to use them - JPG & PSD (Photoshop)
This video discussed photo jpg files and saving edited files to Photoshop Elements psd format along with saving back to jpg format to upload files to print on demand services.
VIDEO - fileformat.mp4
4 mins
How to fix Redeye and Lighting in a Photo
With Photoshop Elements, it's quite easy to fix redeye. Plus using the Levels capability lets you have more control over "fine tuning" the lighting in a photo.  After you view the video, try the techniques on one of your photos.
DOWNLOAD - photos for videos
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VIDEO - redeye-and-lighting.mp4
4 mins
TO PRINT - lighting levels.pdf
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Resolution aka File Sizes for Printing
For printing on fabric you need a resolution of 150 dpi.  This video will show you how to edit your photo resolution and how that relates to the size that can be printed in a good quality.  Also discussed is how to scan small photos and go bigger.
VIDEO - resolution.mp4
5 mins
TO PRINT - resolution instructions.pdf
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Photo to Art Quilt - Pansy Exercise introducing basic Photoshop Elements Tools
This video shows you the steps I used to create my little pansy art quilt while also introducing you to some of the basic Photoshop Elements tools.   I printed the mini quilt on a Jacquard Inkjet fabric sheet at home using my HP photosmart inkjet printer.   Before layering for quilting, I did some thread painting in the middle of the pansy using some embroidery stablizer on the back.  Wool batting created the trapunto look without having to add extra batting.
VIDEO - Pansy Exercise.mp4
21 mins
TO PRINT - pansy to artquilt instructions.pdf
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Pixelating a Photo into a Background
Here is the technique used for my signature poppy quilt below:  a background that looks like pieced 1 inch squares but isn't.  It's a simple filter in Photoshop Elements, but as you'll see in the video, there is a bit more to it for getting a good background depending on the photo you are using.

VIDEO - pixelate a background.mp4
12 mins
TO PRINT - pixelating instructions.pdf
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Summary of Steps to use with your own Photos
The attached file is a summary of the steps shown in all the video.   Download the pdf file and print it to have handy when you edit your own photos.Summary of steps.pdf 1.22 MB
TO PRINT - Summary of steps file to print
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Creating a Fat Quarter (or larger) for printing at a Fabric on Demand Service
This video shows you how to create a larger file (fat quarter) for printing at a fabric-on-demand service like or  I've used both of these services.  You can add as many photos or projects to a fat quarter as will fit in the space of the file you create. 
As I mention in the video, this technique can also be used to create a yard size file.   The turn around time to receive your printed fabric is about 7 - 14 days, so plan accordingly.
VIDEO - creating a Fat Quarter.mp4
7 mins
TO PRINT - layout fatQ or yard instructions.pdf
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VIDEO - Creating a 2 yard file in Photoshop Elements to Print online.mp4
8 mins
Introduction to uploading a file to print at a fabric on demand service --
If you aren't already using, this video will give you a quick introduction to uploading a file and the order page.  Also shown is how to order a Fabric Sample Pack and the Help menu. 
VIDEO - learning your way around spoonflower.mp4
10 mins
Quilt Photo - Steps for Fixing Distortions and Deleting the Background
VIDEO - editing-quilt-photo.mp4
9 mins
Creating a Quilt Label
VIDEO - picking_colors.mp4
4 mins
VIDEO - making a label.mp4
9 mins
More about the Quick Selection tool
In the previous pansy exercise, it was pretty easy to choose the pansy edges with the quick selection tool. This video shows what you need to do when the edges of the object, like the pink flower, are more complex. 
VIDEO - MoreQuickSelectionTool.mp4
10 mins